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Colisa Lalia
Tropical Fish

We stock the largest selection of Tropical Fish in the area, with new deliveries arriving weekly from all over the world. With the arrival of so many fish so frequently, it would be impossible to keep this list updated, so here is a taster of the fish that we regularly have in stock.

Please email us at or call in for current information on stock availability.

Here is a list of some of the fish we sell
Cardinal Tetras Neon Tetras Black Neon Tetras
Rummy Nose Tetras Glowlight Tetras Penguin Tetras
Head/Tail Light Tetras Lemon Tetras Serpae Tetras
Sliver Tips Black Phantoms Red Phantoms
Gold Tetras Bleeding Heart Tetras Congo Tetras
Emperor Tetra Tiger Barbs Albino Tiger Barbs
Green Tiger Barbs Tin Foil Barbs Pentazone Barbs
Rosy Barbs Golden Barbs Cherry Barbs
Black Ruby Barbs Golden Rosy Barbs Clown Barbs
T Barbs Checker Barbs Denisions Barbs
Dwarf Gourami
(Many Colours)
Pink Kissing Gourami Baloon Kissing Gourami
Green Kissing Gourami Indian Gourami Honey Gourami
Red Honey Gourami Pearl Gourami Golden Gourami
Opaline Gourami Snakeskin Gourami Moonlight Gourami
Croaking Gourami    
Large assortment of Cichlids from all over the world.
Corydoras Julii Panda Rabauti Metae
Melanistus Adolfi Aenues
Agassizi Arcuatus Axelrodi
Barbatus Elegans Haroldschulszi
Melini Davidsansi  
Large assortment of Livebearers including many varieties of Platy.
Molly Guppy Swordtails
Hoplostenam Thoracatum Ottocinclus Black Ghost Knife Fish
Shark Cats Tropical Frogs Sliver Sharks
Pengasis Cats Red Tail Black Sharks Rainbow Sharks
Albino Sharks Clown Loach Zebra Loach
Large assortment of Plecostomus and Ancistrus.
Pencil Fish Zebra Danios Giant Danios
Leopard Danios    


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